Friday Free for All: March 27

Easter is coming. I am preparing by eating an unrealistic amount of Cadbury Mini Eggs, and putting up some Easter decor in the house. Kiely is preparing by desperately trying to convince me to buy her a cream egg. Last year, she found three in a bag I left on the floor after a road trip. She ate two, spread tinfoil wrapper everywhere, and took the third upstairs. She then proceeded to bite off the top, lick out some cream egg filling, and then decide she had had enough. Yes, I know chocolate is toxic for dogs. I also know my dog is sometimes bad when I am not home.

Anyway, in return to regular Friday programming, here are some of my favourites this week!

1. This Instagram account (jg_artstudio). She will paint your pet for you! I am tempted…perhaps a close up of Kiely eating chocolate!  


2.  These chalkboard pens. They clean up much easier than other brands I have used, and come in lots of fabulous colours! I find a quick swipe of the Magic Eraser cleans them right off of my chalkboards, as opposed to the fight I have getting some other brands cleaned. 

 3. This tint by Benefit. It can be used as cheek tint or lip tint. I love the natural blush and the fact I can have rosy lips without layers of gloss or lipstick. The story is this was originally developed by a “dancer” who wanted pinker nipples. Who knew. I won’t judge you if you decide to get fancy tonight with your husband.  

 4. I am eager to try out these natural scent bars! Made with essential oils and natural waxes, it can be used with your wax warmer. I love my Scentsy warmers but I do find it can give me headaches. I am hoping this helps, plus I love using my essential oils!  

What are you loving this week? Have a fabulous weekend!

XOXO Aubrey

Wiener Dog Wednesday! Kiely Takes Over (March 25)

I snuck on Mom’s blog again! She isn’t sick, but I have a bone to pick with her! (see what I did there?! Heehee!) 

Mom has an Instagram account (@lusciousandlively), and she posts lots of pictures of me! She even gave me a special hashtag, #kielythewienerdog. I usually love it – like this one she posted today. I just love Mean Girls! 


But sometimes she posts pictures like this: 

Not cool Mom. She doesn’t think it is a big deal; she says I still get more likes than her selfies. But that isn’t the point. I get likes cuz people are laughing at me. I mean, she hash tagged this one #derpface. Not cool. 


And then there is this one. I had just woken up. How would she like me to post a photo of her half asleep in bed? I would be cut off from my treat supply for days.

And this! This was a deliberate attempt to make me feel guilty for eating leftover butter. She should feel bad for just leaving butter out. Does she get how much work it is to keep my physique?!?! I can’t ignore a plate of butter…  

So help me out here – stop liking all the Instagram photos where I was seriously caught off guard. Instead, click like on the ones like this, where I show my strength and power: 

Or this, where she gave me a chance to pose:  

 No more of this. GOT IT?!?!  

Follow us on Instagram! XOXO, Kiely 


My Favourite Organization Apps

After all of the major organization, home purging and desperate attempts to keep the house clean, I have come to rely on some apps to keep it all together and organized.
Between full time work, part time blog, home, friends, and trying to find time to exercise, my brain can’t keep track of it all! So I have found some fabulous apps on my iPhone that make a world of a difference for keeping it all together! 


Wunderlist is like this gigantic step up from the iPhones Notes screen. You can organize items into lists, move lists into folders, and even invite others to work on your lists with you. I live it because I organize my grocery shopping into areas of the store (trust me, it is faster and causes way less backtracking for items you missed!). With Wunderlist I keep all my grocery lists in one folder and add items in the days leading to grocery day, and I am all set!

I have Colin added to certain lists so he can add items and I don’t even have to ask him what he wants me to buy! Win-win!

I also really love the “tick box” method in Wunderlist. Rather than deleting items, simply check them off. Even better, checked off items are stored and can be re-added to the list again. I love this for saving time adding  my usual items onto next week’s list.  


Evernote takes everything up a notch. It is an OCD, DIY dream!!! Remember that photo you took of a refinished dresser, and then you looked up how to refinish it, and then checked who carried the chalk paint? Ok, or whatever your DIY list entails…ANYWAY, make a note, add in the photo, the links to the websites, any extra notes you want to make, and now it is stored in one place! I like to cram a bunch of website screen shots with needed information into one note and save myself having to dig around the website again.

Evernote is addictive, people.


Calendar by Readdle:

I used to love my usual calendar. This one is so much better!!! I can see my schedule by day, week, or month. I can see I as a list of things for the day, or how it looks hour by hour. It links conveniently to my iPhone calendar and has the same shared calendars already set up. It was so easy to switch, and so much more user friendly.  


Alarmed is my brain. It is literally my end-all-be-all app. It owns my life. It reminds me to give the dog her pill (Kiely has epilepsy and missing these is a big deal), it reminds me to mail stuff, drop off items to a friend’s house, start prep on that supper item. I also use it to keep my house in order. Tuesdays and Thursdays it reminds me to clean the bathrooms. Monday and Wednesday I clean the floors. It is just a gentle reminder for me to get off my butt. A gentle reminder that consists of a song that seems to never SHUT.UP. 

I hate having all these items cluttering up my calendar, and Alarmed keeps them all in check! This app is a game changer.



BrightNest I will throw in as a “nice to have,” not a “need to have.” It asks you questions that often feel like TMI (Did you wash your pillows this year? Do you worry about bed bugs? Have you disposed of a body?) ok, not that last one, but I feel like it WILL ask. It then gives you little home, personal care, and DIY suggestions based on your answers. Really, BrightNest is the OCD Pinterest of home keeping.


Best of all, these are all FREE! Most have extras you can buy, if you are high maintenance or need more options.

What apps control your life? I love your comments! 



Friday Free For All – March 20

1. This ponytail tutorial…mind.blown. I have yet to try it, but it looks so stupid easy even I could pull it off…

2. The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe

Usually I don’t enjoy what I title “cancer books.” Mostly because these types of books shock you with a diagnosis and death instead of relying on a fantastic plot. This book is different. A memoir of the author’s mother and their mother-son relationship, beautifully  woven together by the books they read and discussed. If you only read this to discover the inspiring life his mother lead, it will be so worth it!

3. This. So true. 

4. Go ahead, judge me. But I need this to happen. I have been waiting for so long! Don’t let me down Pretty Little Liars!!! 

Have a great weekend everyone!



Friday Free For All – March 13

Friday the 13th! Shriek! Don’t care. I am not superstitious in the least! Just another Friday. This Friday however, the weather has been warm, and it feels like spring my be slowly sneaking back. I know this because my backyard is almost completely melted of snow and there is sooooo much dog poop to pick up! #NorthernProblems 

Here are some of my favourites for the week!

1. My two favourite yogis, hands down! 

Rachel Brathen: She lives in Aruba. She has an Italian greyhound. She exudes positivity and authenticity and the right kind of beauty. Find her on Instagram as yoga_girl and online

Kathryn Budig: She is gorgeously real, and I love that she has an attainably fit body that doesn’t intimidate me. She is so fabulous that even Under Armour loves her. Check out her to-die-for pink wedding dress on Instagram at kathrynbudig

2. Loblaws/Superstore will be selling misshapen fruit and veggies at a discount. I love this because I am cheap, and I believe even ugly potatoes need love. #EatAllTheFood #nomnomnom

3. This shirt from Etsy. So cute. So Mean Girls. Likely the only thing I will wear on Wednesdays for the next year.

4. Veronica Mars. I have binge watched it on Netflix. I am part way through season 3 and I am already sad that it is going to end. Watch it. DO IT.

5. Dachshunds playing cops and robbers. So much cuteness. Check out the video on their blog!

Have a fabulous weekend!



10 Reasons Why I Sometimes Suck at Life

I get it, it sounds pretty harsh. Honestly, though, there are things I do that just make me shake my head at myself. I am 30 now, shouldn’t I have figured this all out by now? Anyway, here is a quick list of my sucktasticness. Enjoy.

And let’s be clear, I am amazing at life in a lot of ways. These are not those.

1. I almost always burn my soup.

I put the can of soup in a pot, set it to heat, and promptly forget I did it until I hear it bubbly furiously on the stove, or I smell it burning. I have done this for ages. When I was a kid I would boil over pots of soup so often that my Mom threatened to stop letting me heat my soup on the stove. I still do it to this day. I just burned a pot of pea soup. I could blame it on the fact that I am sick today, but when you are 18+ years into a habit, it is just because you suck.

2. I leave things out after using them.

Yup, this is a doozie. It is why this whole “declutter and organize” thing is so important/difficult for me. It drives my husband nuts. But he was forewarned! My Dad used to tell him that I might look great leaving the house, but my room and bathroom looked like a bomb went off. If that shirt doesn’t work, why put it away when you can throw it on the floor???

It is only fair to admit that I am also the one cleaning it eventually; that should count for something, right?!?!

3. I am the queen of procrastination.

I started this post six months ago…hahaha KIDDING! But I was always the one writing a six page essay the night before it was due, in University. I think us creative people do some of our best work under pressure! This procrastination isn’t so great when you are, for instance, hand-making Christmas gifts, or packing for vacation (my favourite shirt is DIRTY! Vacation RUINED!). I will need to get help from family and friends to ensure my first child has a fully prepared nursery. And a car seat. See that? Me thinking ahead to things not even close to happening soon!

(See what I did there, I made sure you can all stop asking me when I am getting pregnant…)

4. I like to make fun of people.

I really hate this one. I fully believe it is because:

  • I was born full of awesome sarcasm and sometimes it goes too far.
  • Insecurity sometimes gets the best of me.
  • Some people are just really stupid and annoying. That is not my fault.

I am honestly trying to not be nasty about it any more. I don’t want to come across as mean spirited. Unless you are really stupid or annoying. Consider yourself warned.

Also to be fair, I believe in “if you can dish it out you can take it.” Most of my friends make fun of me, and it is part of what I love about them.

5. I wear my hair the same 90% of the time.

The messy bun is my uniform. I wear my hair down and curled or straightened when I want to get all pretty, but when it doubt, messy bun.

One of my friends and I often went for late night makeup and nail polish runs at Walmart, and she would joke that the greeter recognized us as “ginger and high bun.” So I am working on embracing my natural curl and switching things up a bit.

6. Candy is my drug.

Specifically, gummy candy. Even better, Haribo anything. But if I need a fix, the candy cup at the corner store will give me what I need. I could care less about chocolate. I love ice cream but it gives me the toots. Gummy candy for the win. I do need to ease up if I don’t want to buy an entirely new wardrobe to fit my growing booty.

7. I judge people if they don’t like my dog.

Or dogs in general. I am fine if you don’t like cats, they are spiteful little beasts. But when people don’t share my love for Kiely, they go down a few notches in my book. Oops? 

7 items is good enough; really, how much self abuse can I inflict online? 10 still sounds good in the title though. I’ll leave it.

What do you suck at? I love comments, so share with me! 



Kiely Takes Over

Hi! I am Kiely, the family wiener dog. Technically I am half pomeranian, half dachshund, but Mom just calls me weenie. She has been sick most of the week, and so lazy she didn’t even do that “Friday Free-For All” post, which is super easy. 

So I hijacked the blog!

Here are my best parts of the week:

1. I enjoyed that sunshine we got, and got my fur all toasty warm. I love laying in the sunbeam and getting all squinty-eyed before I fall asleep.

2. This week I got to lick Mom’s yogurt cups clean AND eat bits of apple before Mom threw out the core. #nomnomnom

3. I have almost completely gutted my stuffed tiger. I am debating just beheading him and making short work of it. #tigerkiller 

Though she be but little, she is FIERCE! 

4. I shredded a bunch of Kleenex before I was caught. It is so fun, it just goes everywhere and Mom can never pick up every little piece. HAHAHA!

5. I got to eat some waffle bits after brunch today. #morenomnomnom

Mom also scraped my teeth. I hate playing dentist. It is even worse than getting my nails trimmed. So that wasn’t a highlight. Boo to that!

Well, it looks like we are getting more sun – I think I’ll go lick my bum and then work on my tan!



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